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BC SPGA campaigns for pet-friendly tenancies

BC pet owner and animal hardship help

Political Voice for BC pet owners and their pets

Advocate for animal policing reform

Guardians Are The VOICE For Animals

Building a Pet-friendly BC

BC SPGA is the Voice for British Columbia's pet owners and animal guardians and their animal and pet families. As an incorporated, non-profit society we advocate for better access to services and we work with all partners to arrive at good solutions. We listen to our membership who are the driving force for change and better lives for the animals that we hold so dear.

Our Mission

To make our pets and animals lives the best that they can be.

The BC SPGA brings together our guardian and animal community as one Voice because pets contribute so much to our lives and those of our children. Guardians are the unified Voice for their animals.

Our Voice

Guardians are the unified Voice for their animals.

BC SPGA members are pet owners and people who want a pet-friendly British Columbia.

Become a member today or help with a donation to make BC pet-friendly.

Make BC Pet-friendly Campaign


Campaign For BC Pet-friendly Tenancies Legislation

End pet and animal discrimination in BC.
55% of British Columbians own a pet or animal - that's over half of the population in BC - yet the majority of BC's renters cannot find pet-friendly accommodation.

95% of Canadians consider their pets are family,
end animal guardian discrimination in residential tenancies in BC.

Ontario changed their residential tenancy laws in 2006 to pet-friendly and have had no problems.

With higher costs of living and low pet vacancies in BC it's increasingly more difficult to keep a pet and thousands of wanted animals are homeless or euthanized.

Join the BC SPGA campaign for BC Pet-friendly changes to the BC Residential Tenancy Act legislation.

Read about the campaign

Pet-friendly residential tenancies

Stay Current On Campaign Updates

Your help is needed to make pet-friendly residential tenancies happen.

BC's Premier and Housing Minister Kahlon are well aware of the pet crisis as regards Housing but there wont be change until BC's pet owners make their Voices heard.


Email BC Premier Eby
& Housing Minister Kahlon

Email your MLA

Participate in peaceful rallies

Organize a peaceful
demonstration in your area

Campaign for Animal Cruelty Investigations Reform

- Make Animal Cruelty Investigations A Governmental Responsibility -
BC animal guardians need responsible animal cruelty investigations enforcement that can be trusted and will act in the best interests of BC pet owners and their beloved furry pet famillies.

The change to keep pets with their families and loved ones comes with government taking action to protect British Columbia’s animal guardians and thereby their pets by taking control of animal cruelty investigations policing.

SPCA animal cruelty investigations enforcement was replaced with a dedicated Provincial Animal Welfare Services team and are now a governmental responsibility in Ontario. The government appointed provincial enforcement team includes almost 100 provincial inspectors and specialized inspectors for livestock, zoos, aquariums, and equines who have earned public trust.

This has turned out well for the Ontario SPCA who can devote its endeavours and resources to charitable activities.

Reasons for BC Animal Cruelty Investigations Reform
With government in charge of animal cruelty investigations BC's animal guardians will have fairness, Freedom Of Information rights, the Charter Of Human Rights respected, accountability, lawful eradication of animal cruelty and full transparency.
Responsible animal cruelty enforcement investigations in BC
BC animal guardians need responsible animal enforcement that can be trusted and will act in the best interests of BC pet owners and their beloved furry pet famillies.

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Building A Pet-Friendly BC Campaign

You can help Make BC Pet-friendly by showing your support or making a much needed donation to our programs.

BC SPGA Membership Campaign

Help Us To Meet Our Goals To Help Animals, Guardians and No-Kill Rescues

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How our programs help

Helping Wilbur the potbellied pig
Loosing a furry family member is heart breaking for animal and guardian.

A distraught animal being forced into a crate to be removed from its loved ones forever is terrifying. The pet's family watches heart-broken with the little animal very confused and helpless.

Statiscally, the wanted pet and its loving family will be seperated forever.

See how BC SPGA's programs are working to change the lives for struggling pet guardians and their animals for the better.


No-kill rescues are in dire need

"No-kill Shelters are a type of animal shelter with an anti-euthanasia policy for the animals they house. Humane societies and SPCAs often euthanize pets because they cannot find homes for them."
- Wikipedia

With extreme over-crowding and lack of funding, many of BC's reputable rescues are also raided by animal cruelty enforcers causing extreme financial hardship. read more  |  Help with a donation

BC SPGA Working Together Program

BC local businesses and the pet public

Program: ongoing BC SPGA works together with the local business animal products and services community and BC pet owners. Consumers want to know about BC made services and products and the BC SPGA provides access to the interested public with our Working Together Program. read more

Make YOUR Voice Heard
BC Animal and Pet Guardian Survey

Making Our Animals Lives The Best That They Can Be

BC pet guardians tell us what they want for today and the future in our short one page online survey.

Make Your VOICE Heard!
Start The Survey
(Gmail address required)

First of its kind program in BC
Guardian and Pets In Hardship program

BC SPGA Guardian and Pets In Hardship Program

Pets are the innocent victims of circumstances and challenges beyond their guardians control.
The BC SPGA Guardian and Pets In Hardship Program is the first of its kind program for BC's animal and pet guardians who are experiencing financial hardship with pets in need of veterinary care or basic needs. read more

The need is great. Please help with a

Frequently Asked Questions

Become a BC SPGA member to receive campaign update emails or sign up for our free enewsletter.

Pet food banks help animal guardians in stressful times

BC Pet Food Bank

The BC SPGA does not operate a food bank program directly although we make referrals to the local businesses in our Working Together program.

According to the Founder, Nicole Frey, of the Animal Food Bank:

" the BC SPCA and the Winnipeg Humane Society refuses to provide any funding for our operations, while happily allowing us to carry to burden of providing the majority of the services, on the back of our volunteers."

"The time for transparency from Humane Canada, the BC SPCA and Winnipeg Humane Society has arrived. We would love to move forward together, with them, but will no longer remain silent on, or accept that, this without financial support from them. Or, they need to be honest with their donors, the community and the general public when asking for donations for services they don’t actually offer."

The BC SPGA support the hard work of the Animal Food Bank. Below is the link to their online Petition to gain clarity on support programs from the BC SPCA and transparency .

Support the Animal Food Bank with the purchase of a Jann Arden designed AFB hoodie

BC SPGA Pet-friendly Residential Tenancies campaign

TRAC supports Pet-friendly housing Campaign

A leader in tenants' rights since 1984, TRAC's mandate is to enhance legal protections for all tenants living in British Columbia.

The Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre (TRAC) has confirmed support of BC SPGA's Pet-friendly housing campaign.

TRAC has also provided information to the BC Public about the need for:

Putting An End To No-Pet Clauses In Tenancy Agreements
These inhumane clauses are tearing families apart in BC.

We are delighted with this news and will continue to keep the public updated on further developments in the BC SPGA with our partners Pet-friendly Residential Tenancies Campaign

Say YES to animal enforcement reform and pet-friendly BC residential tenancies

BC NDP track record

The BC NDP lead the polls but what have they done for BC pet owners and their pets?

The BC NDP have not made any headway in regard to animal guardian rights and protections in animal investigations enforcement and have made no strides to improve the lives of over 50% of the animal guardian British Columbia population in regard to legislation amendments to include pet-friendly residential tenancies.

The reality is that pet and animal discrimination is well and alive in British Columbia while the animals and their helpless guardians try to cope with the economic and lack of pet-friendly accommodation challenges.

BC SPGA is in correspondence with BC Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon, Solicitor General Mike Farnworth and BC Premier Eby and will report positive developments.

Animal guardians are the Voice for their animals and pets.

Animal Enforcement Reform

The Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act Report presentations recommended animal enforcement reform in BC.

The Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act virtual meeting heard from presenters that:

"Senior management within the BC SPCA has repeatedly stated that they are not required to provide responses under FOIPPA as it relates to cruelty investigations, as they are not a government body."

"Due to the nature of the BC SPCA as a non-profit organization, the lack of oversight and accountability as it relates to their enforcement role does not foster public confidence in their special provincial constables or in the agency itself."

The urgent need for animal enforcement reform

Mr. Justice Timothy Minnema, a judge in the Ontario Superior court, in Bogaerts v. Attorney General of Ontario 2019 ONSC 41, ruled that the Ontario SPCA’s enforcement powers are unconstitutional and that “... law enforcement bodies must be subject to reasonable standards of transparency and accountability.”

The Ontario SPCA was relieved of animal cruelty investigations enforcement because after the Court had spoken animal cruelty investigations enforcement became a provincial government responsibility. This has turned out well for the Ontario SPCA who can devote its endeavours to charitable activities.


Pets are companion animals

British Columbia recently made history in Canada with the proposed legal amendments to the B.C. Family Law Act involving “companion animals” as outlined in Bill 17-2023 which has been widely publicized.

The BC Court has spoken and the BC public agree that animals are not commodities that someone should have the power to haul away because a family is struggling with challenges that are out of its control: Inflation, transportation, accommodation, food costs … all of these have changed the lives of British Columbians in very deep and profound ways.

With pets deemed to be companion animals under Family law, animal enforcement in British Columbia must be the responsibility likewise of the provincial government.

Watch dog for the BC SPCA

The BC SPGA is not the watch dog for the BC SPCA.

We support anyone who will help an animal in need or a guardian facing stress coping with the challenges currently for people with pets in our province.

The BC SPGA is a proponent with many others for animal cruelty investigations reform in British Columbia to be under the provincial government. This is to ensure fairness, transparency, Freedom Of Information Rights and protection for BC's pet owners and caregivers and their animals.

Our goals and objectives are for better lives for BC animal guardians and their pets. Our Make BC Friendly campaigns are to make positive change for animals and their guardians.

Animal guardians are the voice for their animals

BC SPCA animal cruelty investigations legal expenditures

Animal Cruelty Investigations Spending

According to Fiscal year 2022 financial audited statements, Charities Intelligence Canada reports that the BC SPCA has a surplus of well over $80 million dollars from public donations for animal care kept in funding reserves. The BC SPGA does not have access to the legal spending habits of the BC SPCA

We can however guide the public to the fact that even if successful in the return of their animals in a legal proceeding, the successful party will be responsible for paying the BC SPCA their costs before receiving the return of their animals. This was appealed by a successful litigant in a Supreme court claim and upheld in favor of the BC SPCA by the BC Court of Appeal in 2023. This provision is prohibitive for many pet owners who can't afford thousands of dollars in BC SPCA accumulated costs as well as their own expenses.

As Felicia Allen, who was the litigant in both claims concluded, "Even when you win you loose. The animals fare much, much worse."

Change Residential legislation to be pet-friendly in BC

A Better Solution

While BC No-kill rescues and sanctuaries face enormous costs and barely any funding, Premier Eby announced in June, 2023 that the BC SPCA would receive $12 million for four new facilities.

While pet-friendly tenancies are just about unheard of in BC, the premier supports building more enclosures so that animals can be surrendered.

BC SPGA has a much better solution: Change BC residential pet tenancies to be pet-friendly. BC SPGA maintains that every specialist and animal guardian will tell you that a wanted and loved animal would much rather be with a loved one and it would cost BC taxpayers a lot less to make a legislative change than spend the Public purse on more cages for animals.

How about it Premier Eby? Take the leap and reap the rewards in the upcoming election!

Wellbeing & Animal Welfare

Animal Injustice

No return to her owner for Zeva
BC SPCA sold Dale's dog

Dog's owner is devastated

Animal Welfare
Dale Malkinson and her Yorkshire terrier Zeva are forever seperated after eight years together due an animal custody appeals Tribunal that is powerless to help. read more

Cute Dashhound puppies and mothers taken by the BC SPCA

Reputable BC breeder's dogs seized

Animal Welfare Marisa Panter founght back when the BC SPCA animal police took her beloved Dashshounds. But it wasn't easy and she still had an invoice of over $5,000 to pay before the fight was won for the return of her dogs. read more

Oliver was seized and killed by the BC SPCA along with members of his herd

Oliver is frightened sensing animal officers are determined to end his life

Animal Welfare A BC Supreme Court judge ordered animals returned to the owner and despite the court order, the BC SPCA took possession of the animals again 2 days later. The former race horses were rescues and had lived with their guardian for over 20 years. read more

BC SPCA Animal Seizures

Animals that are taken by the BC SPCA during an animal cruelty investigation is a frightful and heart-breaking experience

One of the worst life experiences people who know will tell you is loosing a beloved pet or animal(s) due to a BC SPCA animal cruelty investigation seizure. It doesn't take more than one complaint (which can be made to the BC SPCA anonymously) for a BC SPCA special provincial constable (SPC) to show up and ask for entry. If you don't allow entry, a warrant will be issued almost as soon as the SPC electronically applies for it.

Most animal guardians are not prepared for the visitation of a SPC. SPCs are not trained police officers and not subject to the professional police officer conduct that would be expected. SPC officers have the same powers as police officers, wear a distinctive uniform and using very loose and subjective provisions of the law can decide to seize animals very quickly if need be.

“At the time the SPCA seized our animals, there were no animals that fit what people would consider to be distress, but that doesn’t necessarily matter to the SPCA. They define ‘distress’ on the spot, and they do it entirely subjectively.”
Warren Brundage, Suzaku Sanctuary

Animal guardians are not made aware of the processes, the expense, the trauma and eventually the realization that the likelihood of seeing the pet or animal(s) again is very slim. Statiscally, BC animal guardians are not abusers, are not people who do the unthinkable to animals, and don't run animal mills.

There are no protections or rights that an animal guardian can rely on to keep an animal from being seized.

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Working Together With BC Businesses Products and Services

How BC SPGA works together with the local business animal products and services community and BC pet owners.

Local Businesses feature their pet products and services

Working with local businesses for the betterment of animals and pet guardians.

Learn more about BC SPGA and Working Together    more info

Consumers want to know about BC made services and products and the BC SPGA provides access to the interested public with the proceeds used to benefit our programs.

See how the BC SPGA works together with BC Businesses and Services:

  • Proud to represent BC made services and products
  • BC SPGA's Annual Gala features awards for the Best of BC!
  • Membership Launch Business memberships savings only $9.99 monthly
  • BC SPGA showcases good health and wellbeing

Products and Services which feature healthy lifestyle choices and good health for animals are provided BC SPGA referrals.

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We are open to creative marketing ideas for your local product or service. All that we ask is that your services and products involve no animal cruelty and are eco-friendly.

Not To Miss Events, News, & Adoptable Animals

Vancouver, BC 2nd annual Anti-Vivisection World Protest, April 27, 2024.

2nd annual Anti-Vivisection World Protest, April 27, 2024

Over 100 million animals world wide are used for cruel experimentation. Join one of the world's largest anti-vivisection demonstrations this year! more info

Adopt a retired sled dog or little cat.

50 beautiful retired sled dogs need homes

Beautiful, retired sled dogs need foster homes and forever homes. Urgent need for supplies and donations. more info

BC SPGA relies on public donations and our membership

Help us to make the lives of animals better

The BC SPGA is BC public driven in that the society relies on donations from the public and our memberships to maintain, develop and increase our programs and services for British Columbia's guardians and their animals and pets.


Your donation will help animal guardians and their pets who may be in distress or hardship situations.

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